Hay Tarps & Covers

Hay Tarps by Western Ag

Hay tarps and covers are a cost effective alternative to permanent structures. By covering hay you can reduce hay loss to weather related damage, minimize bacteria growth, and retain nutritional value.

Tarped hay has a higher market value, in some instances up to $30 more per ton compared to untarped hay.

Western Ag Enterprises, Inc. is the United States largest manufacture of Hay Tarps. We have standard size covers, and we can also make custom size covers depending on stack configuration.

Hay tarps are designed specifically for covering hay stacks and are completely assembled, including rope, and are folded for ease of installation.

Tarp Features:

Tarp Features Diagram

Western Ag Enterprises Hay Tarp Features

Our UV treated fabric is available in weights of 6.3 oz (P- 86) or 7.3 oz (P-212) per square yard.

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